High Performance Cellulose Insulation

Carolina Precision Fibers’ GREENSHIELD™ insulation, made from select recycled paper fiber and high-performance fire retardants, is an excellent choice for all energy efficient installations. Cellulose is the perfect product for green/sustainable home certification programs like LEED® and Built Green, LLC®.

Attic Applications

Why cellulose works so well in attics
  • A monolithic layer across the attic provides excellent creates a solid barrier against interior heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
  • Unlike mineral fibers blowing wool, Carolina Fibers cellulose creates a strong fiber matrix. It’s a monolithic seal reduces airflow within the insulation and since insulation works by trapping heat in unmoving air it’s a key performance characteristic.
  • Unlike mineral fiber batts, Carolina Fibers cellulose encases wiring, pipes, and ducts so it doesn’t lose R-value by compressing around attic systems and framing.

Wall System Applications

Why cellulose works so well in walls
  • Cellulose completely fills each wall cavity, shutting down heat leakage that can occur with blanket insulations. No gaps between the insulation and studs and wall surfaces; and there’s no compression around pipes, wiring or electrical boxes.
  • Cellulose also eliminates the possibility of poorly cut mineral fiber batts not filling the total cavity.
  • Mineral wool batts can have lower R-values than stated due to compression in the wall space. Cellulose has a fixed installed density that ensures finished installation is the claimed R-value.
  • Cellulose’s fiber matrix reduces moving air within the insulation. Since insulation works by trapping heat in unmoving air it’s a key performance characteristic

Carolina Precision Fibers – Exceptional Partner

  • Optimal Fiber Management (OPM) – controls the materials and manufacturing processes ensuring the highest and most consistent insulation coverage. Premium paper, exact milling and minimally compressed packaging provide the best applied densities on the job.
  • Best-in-market technical ensures the efficient and low cost product application in the plant and on the jobsite.

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