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High Performance Cellulose Insulation Products

Carolina Fibers’ GREENSHIELD™ insulation, made from select recycled paper fiber and high-performance fire retardants, is an excellent choice for all energy efficient installations.

Stabilized Insulation for Attics

Carolina Fibers’ has been offering GREENSHIELD™ stabilized insulation for 40 years. A breakthrough product, its water activated adhesive and premium paper creates a monolithic barrier to moving air in the attic. Combined with cellulose insulation’s ability to trap air in millions of static air pockets, the barrier keeps both cold and hot air where it belongs – outside the living area!

Carolina Fibers’ Optimum Fiber Management process provides the best coverage in the cellulose market – up to 15% better than competitive products.

Available in 26 pound bags.

Loosefill Insulation for Attics

Carolina Fibers’ GREENSHIELD™ Loosefill Insulation is the perfect product for reinsulation and smaller attic area work. It’s made with premium paper and superior fire retardants products and Carolina Fibers’ Optimum Fiber Management process gives it the best coverage for loosefill insulation in the cellulose market.

Available in 26 pound bags.

Stabilized All-Borate Insulation

Carolina Fibers’ GREENSHIELD™ Stabilized All-Borate Insulation is a premium product for use in two areas of the home.

In walls – Stabilized Al-Borate provides a superior system for keeping a home economically comfortable. Put simply, it creates a monolithic barrier, providing excellent R-value, blocking air movement, and preventing gaps around pipes, wires and ducts.

In the attic, it offers a lower dust, lower settling alternative to loosefill material. and can provide protection against insect pests.

Available in 26 pound bags.


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