About Us

Our History, Location, Mission & Values.

Who We Are

Carolina Precision Fibers manufactures and market high quality fiber insulation, hydromulch and industrial asphalt fiber products.
The two core commitments make us a great partner to your business:
  • Best-in-market customer service. Our success depends on your success. Carolina Precision Fibers strives to keep you competitive and profitable with:
    • Proven higher performance products
    • Fast, effective technical support
    • A sales and support team recognizing and meeting your needs
  • Optimal Fiber Management (OFM), a start-to-finish manufacturing process that assures superior product installation and performance. OFM requires:
    • Prime newsprint and cardboard stock
    • Carefully calibrated fiber milling, creating the most effective fiber size
    • Lower compression packaging to maintain fiber characteristics at installation

Our Team

President & CEO

Fred Vincelli Jr.

Fred’s cellulose fiber business career spans 35 years. It includes leadership roles for key cellulose manufacturing companies, including US Fiber, US GreenFiber and Applegate. He significantly increased sales and profits for each of them.

Carolina Precision Fibers (CPF) is Fred’s latest successful turn-around. He uses his experience and business savvy to observe, plan and execute a holistic approach to reviving struggling companies. That includes manufacturing, logistics, finance, cost control, administration, and sales and marketing. In Carolina Precision Fibers’ case, Fred’s efforts resulted in strong positive cash flow in less than two years.

Fred’s leadership style emphasizes continuous improvement, with a focus on making customers more successful. CPF profits and share depend on customers’ profits and market share. That belief in mutual success has led to the development of a company that attracts top professionals from within the industry. Fred motivates every team member to strive for win-win relationships with customers and suppliers.

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Macrini

Mike is a 30-year veteran of the cellulose fiber business. His initial experience as a field sales ServiceTechnician quickly taught him the importance of customer service and a quality-made product. He took that experience to heart as he advanced to Assistant Plant Manager and then Plant Manager of US Fiber’s Tampa plant.

After the US Fiber- GreenStone merger, Mike’s strong business acumen quickly made GreenFiber’s Tampa plant one of its most profitable. That success led to his becoming GreenFiber’s Director of Manufacturing Operations, with responsibility for the productivity and plant profitability of 14 manufacturing locations.

Mike contributes this day-to-day and strategic expertise to Carolina Precision Fibers by leading the way into the future through automation improvement and cost reduction initiatives.

Chief Financial Officer

Mhel Narag

Mhel joined Carolina Precision Fibers as its CFO in 2019. She is an experienced accounting and finance professional with an MBA in Accounting and 22 years of expertise in the cellulose industry.

She is extremely versatile, maintaining timely and accurate financial records, negotiating banking and capital financing needs, quarterbacking day-to-day cash management, developing financial strategy, all while cultivating great working relationships with stakeholders, vendors, customers and her colleagues. Significantly, Mhel performs her role with limited resources, always providing vigilant oversight of the company’s financial interests.

On her days off, Mhel enjoys spending time with family and her dogs. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters who are both successful in their own careers. She became a proud “UNC Chapel Hill Mom” when her youngest daughter recently graduated from that institution.

Sales Manager

Brian Raber

Brian has over 35 years’ sales experience in building materials, 20 of them in cellulose insulation. He is a perfect example of Carolina Precision Fibers’ win-win mantra, being recognized as “Supplier of the Year” by three major customers and receiving numerous ‘Salesman of the Year’ awards from his manufacturing employers.

His standard sales method is to meet with a customer and have an in-depth discussion about their business; particularly their most pressing needs regarding insulation or hydroseed mulch. He then does his best to try to fill those needs within the capabilities of the organization.

Brian earned his B.S. in Management, with a concentration in Logistics, from Clemson. He also played football and wrestled for the Tigers. Last but hardly least, Clemson is also where he met his wife, Lynn. They have two children: Caitlyn and Lucas.

Sales Manager

Bob Roberts

Bob has been the Midwest Sales Manager at Carolina Precision Fibers for 10 years. He has a hands-on and strategic understanding of the cellulose business, spending over 30 years as both an insulation and hydroseed contractor. He owned Airtight Insulation Company with locations in Henderson KY and Nashville TN. He also owned Level-Lawn Landscaping providing hydroseeding services for both commercial and residential applications.

Bob truly loves the business. And that makes him a great partner for his customers. From employee training to equipment needs, and, most certainly, ensuring the delivery of quality insulation and hydroseed products, Bob knows how to get it done.

Field Technician

Jamie Carreiro

Cellulose insulation is only as good as its installation. Jamie is Carolina Precision Fibers’ boots-on-the-ground, making sure we deliver on our win-win goal at the application level. Jamie’s commitment to insulation being efficiently and properly installed is a customer’s assurance of overall quality.

Market and Product Development

Bruce Harned

Bruce brings 40 years of product and market development experience across several industries, particularly building materials. He has led development efforts with Chevron Oil, Owens Corning, and US GreenFiber, where he was VP of Sales, Marketing and Strategy.

The combined experience in sales, marketing research and strategic planning made him an early advocate of UX as the driving force in creating and managing new markets and products. His core belief is that change is inevitable; constantly explore how to use it to your advantage.

Bruce has a BA from Lafayette College and an MBA from Syracuse University. He is a board member of the Product Development and Management Association Carolinas Chapter.

Our Service Area

Carolina Precision Fibers Proudly Serves the Southeastern, Northeastern and Central Midwestern Regions of the US.

Carolina Precision Fibers is located in Ronda, North Carolina with easy access to I-77 and I-40. This allows us the ability to service the Southeast, Northeast, Central Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic states.