Mulch & Grow Terrain Lok

Mulch & Grow Terrain Lok™ BFM is the most cost-effective DOT Type III erosion control product on the market. Type III erosion control washout resistance is determined by ASTM 6459, the “C Factor”. Type III “C” must less than 0.10. Terrain Lok’s factor is 0.003.

Terrain Lok’s longer fibers, cross-linked and non-crosslinked BFM additives and unique manufacturing process:

  • Keep the product effective after repeated wet-dry cycles.
  • Create a strong fiber bond and conformance to soil surfaces.
  • Aid in the germination and growth of the seed be.

Mixing Guidelines

Mix rate is 50# Terrain Lok per 125 gallons of water


Packaged in 50lb bags, 40 bags per pallet. The pallet is stretch wrapped, and covered with a rain cap. Approximately 840 bags per full truck load.

Application & Uses

The suggested application rate is 2000 lbs per acre. This will vary based on your local conditions and your own personal preference.


Documents & Downloads

Access detailed product information, MSDS sheets, application information & other resources.