Mulch & Grow Terrain Lok

Mulch & Grow Terrain Lok™ BFM provides you with the superior performance of a higher priced BFM at a more reasonable cost. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and as a premier BFM, it is made from DLK fibers, tackifiers and SAP1500.

DLK fibers are derived from wood produced by using a refiner/fiberization process. This manufacturing process creates a longer and more durable fiber. Combinations of cross-linked and non cross-linked tackifiers are added to bind the fibers together, to form a durable uniform sprayed erosion control mat.

A proprietary absorbent polymer fiber SAP 1500 is then added. SAP 1500 will enhance water holding capacity, and promotes faster and fuller growth of the ssdbed. SAP 1500 improves the flow of mulch through the hoses on your hydroseeder.


Mixing Guidelines

Mix rate is 50# Terrain Lok per 125 gallons of water


Packaged in 50lb bags, 40 bags per pallet. The pallet is stretch wrapped, and covered with a rain cap. Approximately 880 bags per full truck load.

Application and Uses

The suggested application rate is 2500 lbs per acre. This will vary based on your local conditions and your own personal preference.

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