Mulch & Grow Hybrid (70/30 Blend)

As a manufacturer of quality Hydroseeding Mulch, we feel that Our MULCH & GROW Hybrid (70/30 Blend) is one of the best choices available for hydroseeding applications. Specialized fibers are used in the manufacturing of this hybrid blend consisting of 70% DLK fibers and the balance cellulose wood (Plus our exclusive S.A.P. 1500, Super Absorbing Polymer, which gives our mulch superior water absorbency).



Packaged in 50lb bags, 40 bags per pallet. The pallet is stretch wrapped, and covered with a rain cap. Approximately 840 bags per full truck load.

Application and Uses

The suggested application rate is 2000 lbs per acre. This will vary based on your local conditions and your own personal preference

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